Snail Mucin Extract for Acne and Acne-Prone Skin by NUME-Lab

Snail mucin extract, otherwise known as snail mucus or snail slime, is a powerful natural skincare ingredient with tons of benefits. There’s a reason why it’s a favorite in the Korean beauty world. 

The benefits of snail mucin for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, protection and moisturization are well-documented. But, we often forget that snail mucin extract is a great acne-fighting agent as well. 

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Snail slime is naturally rich in:

Read more about Ingredients in the Ingredients Glossary by NUME-Lab Switzerland

How Is Snail Mucin Beneficial to Acne-Prone Skin?

Snail mucin fits all skin types – dry, sensitive, combined, aging skin, etc. However, all of its natural components we mentioned above make snail mucin great for acne-prone skin as well. 

Here’s what snail mucin can do for acne-prone skin:


  • Prevents breakouts – antimicrobial properties which decrease inflammation;
  • Treats existing acne – contains glycolic acid, which will unclog the pores and prevent the formation of inflamed acne;
  • Heals acne scars – hyaluronic acid for moisturization and the glycolic acid (an AHA) make snail slime great for fading acne scars and other post-inflammatory irritations;
  • Fades hyperpigmentation – and finally, snail mucin extract will help you fade any post-acne discoloration or dark spots;

As you can see, snail mucin is helpful in every stage of acne development – from prevention and treatment to fading the hyperpigmented spots or scars that acne leaves behind. 

Snail mucin is a very gentle active with no known side effects when mixed with other ingredients. So, you can feel free to combine it with vitamin C, glycolic acid (or other AHAs), BHAs, retinoids, etc.

acne prone skin

Ethically Sourced Snail Mucus Extract

Last but not least, snail mucin extract has to be sourced with cruelty-free methods, and no snails should be harmed or endangered in the process. 

Typically, snail slime is collected by giving snails a type of SPA, promoting the production of this secretion. Another ethical way of gathering snail mucin is by providing a bumpy surface for snails to move around, naturally promoting snail mucus secretion.

Clean Beauty Products with Snail Mucin

For the best results, use snail mucin extract in clean beauty skincare products without any toxic ingredients. Try to choose cosmetic products without parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates, formaldehyde, DEA, TEA, MEA, methylisothiazolinone, or alumina. Halal skincare certified products, assure the cruel-free method and the selection of clean and natural ingredients.

Have you already heard about the Clean Beauty Minimalist Routine ? Read here about it.


  • Snail mucin naturally contains ingredients that help active acne, like glycolic acid, antimicrobial peptides, and copper peptides;
  • The antimicrobial properties of snail mucin keep bacteria at bay and prevent inflammatory acne from forming in the first place;
  • The glycolic acid in snail mucin helps exfoliate the skin, thus preventing clogged pores and acne breakouts;
  • Snail mucin helps calm post-acne inflammation and redness;
  • Snail slime can help fade post-acne discoloration like blemishes, dark spots, or acne spots;
  • The wound-healing properties of snail mucin will reduce acne scars;
  • The hyaluronic acid in snail mucus extract is a humectant, which means it helps the skin retain moisture, making it easier for the skin to heal post-acne;
  • Snail mucin extract regenerates the skin and improves its overall texture;

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