NUME-Lab Switzerland is first of all a story of Friendship

A story of chance, of inspiration, of determination, of creating a new paradigm.

It is the story of how the three of us, met, how we believed in each other, how we shared our vision, our ethics, our skills, and our ability to revolutionize the skincare industry.

Yes, at Nume-Lab we are driven by one vision:

A simplified routine for healthy and glowing skin.

The Swiss Alps, nature, and our consciousness of the planet have been the inspiration to create a brand that avoids countless, useless, skincare products and toxic ingredients.

That’s how, in our Swiss lab, together with the best biotechnologists, we formulated and developed a simplified, clean, and minimalist routine, which has the power to regenerate your skin and keep it rejuvenated and healthy, today, tomorrow, and every day after.

So, are you ready for the skin revolution?

Meet the team

A new way to healthy and glowing skin backed by the best Swiss biotechnologists​

A passionate beauty aficionado, a visionary millennial, a trend “sniffer”. Her personal mission statement: “I want to live in a world where people are equally valued despite gender, race, or origin”. When she’ is not working, you can find Paula immersing herself in all that Swiss nature has to offer, hiking, running, or biking.

Change is the only constant in life (Heraclitus)​

A 21st-century Marco Polo, a person curious about other cultures, always ready to step out of his comfort zone. Living in Switzerland gave him a passion for nature, an awareness of sustainability, and, of course, mountain climbing! His extensive business background greatly contributed to the making of NUME-Lab Switzerland, especially in the early stage. But, if you want to make friends with him, don’t put pineapple on pizza! Fun fact: Daniele is famous for cooking the best pasta in Montreux!

Die with memories, not regrets​

This serial entrepreneur has lived across three continents, always seeking new thrills, sensations, and discoveries. His hobbies? Adrenaline, adventure, and listening to good old ‘70s music! Dimitri loves everything about Switzerland - the mountains, the watches, and the chocolates, of course!

Our Logo & Brand Name

The scallop shell is inspired by the famous Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus” - an icon of the renaissance. This inspires us at all levels: Rebirth (renaissance), Regeneration, Purity, a “New Me”. The NUME-Lab name comes from an alternate spelling of “New Me” and “Laboratory”. Think of it as cellular regeneration through Swiss Biotechnology. Pure perfection.

Our Values