Protecting Skincare: A Guide to Preventing Skin Damage

Protecting your skin from toxins, pollutants, UV rays, smoke, and other external and environmental influences is vital in preventing premature aging skin and skin damage. Plus, when we consider all the harsh skin care products we’ve exposed our skin to in the past, it’s no wonder it needs regeneration.

An anti-pollution routine with topical clean beauty products will diminish your existing hyperpigmentation and dark spots, dry skin, premature aging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and similar. On top of that, it will prevent further skin damage and keep your skin healthy and supple. 

But, what are the best skincare ingredients for protection? And what to look for in skin-protecting products? Let’s see together with NUME-Lab Switzerland.

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What Is Skin Protecting?

Skin-protecting products act as anti-pollution agents guarding your skin from any free radicals that damage your skin cells. These free radicals occur due to exposure to pollutants, smoke, toxins, sun rays, etc. The worst consequence of them is that they damage your skin’s natural lipid barrier, resulting in exposed and sensitive skin that cannot retain moisture. 

Protective cosmetics typically contains antioxidants and ingredients that replenish and heal the skin’s barrier.

How to Properly Use a Skin Protecting Product?

Protecting skin care usually comes in the form of leave-on products such as moisturizers or face creams. Often, you can find serums formulated for skin protection since they contain high concentrations of active ingredients and have an excellent absorption rate. 

Every protecting skin care product will have a different use. In the case of skin-protecting moisturizers, we recommend using them twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

Protecting Skin Starts with using Clean Skincare

Here, we have to point out that protective skincare should be free of harsh toxins and ingredients like phthalates, mineral oils, MEA, TEA, DEA, alumina, sulfates, parabens, and similar. Don’t damage your skin further with such additives. 

Instead, opt for clean, and Halal-certified products based on the principles of no animal testing and sustainability. Expose your skin to natural and safe ingredients only!

Best Protecting Skincare Ingredients

Some of the best skin-protecting ingredients are:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3

and Vitamin C – both potent antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and sun damage. As an added plus, vitamin C has skin brightening properties and the power to fade dark spots;

Snail Mucin Extract

especially beneficial for aging skin, snail mucin beloved at NUME-Lab Switezrland, is naturally rich in allantoin, glycolic acid, vitamins, and proteins like collagen and elastin. It will help regenerate your skin, moisturize it, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines by boosting collagen production;


these are the natural building blocks of your lipid skin barrier, and having them as an addition to any product can heal and protect your skin. Great if you suffer from flaky and dry skin;

Vitamin A (Retinoids)

are known for their skin regenerative powers and their ability to help aging skin by promoting collagen production and increasing skin elasticity, thus protecting the skin from premature fine lines and wrinkles;

Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid is a skin-plumping ingredient that has deep moisturizing properties and can make your skin look fuller and smoother;

Glycolic Acid

the best AHA for skin exfoliation and regeneration. In the proper concentrations, its benefits are immense – helps acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin complexion, etc.;


we’re ending this with the most crucial ingredient in skin-protecting routines, the sunscreen. Always protect your skin from daily UV ray damage is by wearing sunscreen;

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