No Animal Testing/Cruelty-Free Skincare by NUME-Lab Switzerland

Skincare products formulated with a cruelty-free approach with no animal testing are the best choice in any clean beauty skincare brand. Aside from being an ethical and sustainable approach to skincare, using products not tested on animals sends a clear message that you’re against animal cruelty (as it should be).

We’ll start this off with just three words:

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Many skincare products show incredible results in the animal testing trial phase, but not even 10% of those pass the criteria for being safe or effective in human subjects. As such, animal testing is entirely unreliable since animal genetics differentiate from ours.


Here’s where we cringe! Testing on animals is ruthless and unethical. We’re firm believers in equality among species and in the motto that we’re all one with nature. Unfortunately, sometimes our vanity as a species knows no limits, so at one point, someone decided it’s ok to hurt another living, breathing creature for the sake of beauty.



Today’s advancements in biology and technology allow us to check the efficacy and safety of a skincare product in ways other than animal testing. On top of that, there are over 7000 ingredients already proven safe, so skincare brands could use the ones they know are safe.

In NUME-Lab Switzerland, cruelty-free is our guiding principle, so our products are not tested on animals. Instead, we use a superior Swiss biotech method to produce bio-identical ingredients in laboratory settings without hurting any animal in the process.

Are Products Not Tested on Animals Safe?

Saying a product not tested on animals is unsafe couldn’t be further from the truth. Cruelty-free cosmetics brands aren’t tested on animals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tested at all. Products that aren’t tested on animals still go through rigorous clinical trials, with people as volunteer subjects to determine their safety. Or test through in vitro tests or our personal favorite – Swiss biotechnology.

NUME-Lab Switzerland uses Swiss Biotech as one of the most innovative, sustainable, efficient, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly ways to source raw ingredients.

These ingredients are bio-identical, safe, and efficient. None of NUME-Lab‘s products are tested on animals, and we’re damn proud of it!

Benefits of "No Animal Testing" Skincare

From healthier skin to helping the environment, using products with no animal testing has many more benefits than you know.

Healthier skin and body

Using skincare products with no animal testing means putting fewer toxins and chemicals on your skin. And since our skin absorbs what we apply to it, a clean beauty skincare routine or minimalist routine is vital for your health. Skincare products with no animal testing are made of clean and plant-derived ingredients, such as aloe vera, white truffle, and many vitamins and antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.).

Learn More about Ingredients in the Ingredients Glossary.

Preserve the animal life

Before introducing branches like biotechnology, many common skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid or collagen were sourced from animals. Today, we have more sophisticated methods of recreating these compounds. When it comes to testing, it’s even worse.

With so many other options out there today, it’s easy to check the safety and efficacy of a product without harming an animal in the process. By refusing to use products tested on animals, you contribute to saving countless animals worldwide.

Make a change

By choosing cruelty-free skincare brands instead of conventional ones, you’re contributing to the switch to a more humane society. And it makes complete sense – the smaller the number of people buying animal-tested products, the more the market demand falls.

Ideally, this will result in more and more conscious and clean brands and less cruel ones.

Key Takeways:

By using cruelty-free skincare products or ones with no animal testing, you will:

  • Adopt a clean beauty skincare routine with plant-derived compounds;
  • Use milder and non-irritant skin care products;
  • Live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle;
  • Have better skin and general health;
  • And most importantly – be a good human being and save animals;
  • Halal certified skincare is always cruel-free;

Cruelty-Free, Clean Beauty Skincare made in Switzerland

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    Resurfacing Night Peel Serum

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