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Swiss skincare products and cosmetics developed through Swiss biotech research and principles must maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

Did you know that Swiss skincare regulations are among the strictest in the world? Yep! Swiss cosmetic law bans over 1328 irritants (we urge you to compare that to the US FDA that prohibits only 11 of those skincare ingredients, crazy, right?).

But, what does Swiss biotechnology mean? Let’s explain.

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Swiss Biotech NUMELAB Switzerland

What Is Swiss Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a merger between biology and technology. With the help of biotech practices, researchers use living cells and microorganisms and synthesize them in a lab setting to recreate a naturally occurring active ingredient.

The state of the art Swiss Biotechnology helps us enhance the active agents provided to us by nature. Without compromising on animal cruelty, or the limited resources of our planet, we create high efficacy formulas with the highest levels of quality and control.

But why Swiss? Well, aside from having one of the strictest cosmetic regulations in the world, Switzerland lives with cruelty-free clean beauty in mind. We’re talking about a country where sustainability is not a choice but a habit.

Operating under Swiss law, we want to assure you of the highest quality and safety standards. NUME-Lab ensures that the production is ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products) certified.

We use Swiss Biotechnology to extract the best out of Natural powerful Ingredients like Snail Mucin or White Truffle.

Swiss Biotech vs. Animal or Plant-Derived

Why biotech? Isn't it better to use "just bio" rather than lab-made skincare ingredients? Short answer - no. Let's explain this visually.


Swiss Biotech



Animal-Cruelty or Testing




Environmental impact




Carbon footprint








Safety and efficacy




Stability and quality consistency




The Science Behind Swiss Biotech Skincare Brands

Switzerland is a pioneer in using biotechnology to recreate active skincare ingredients in laboratory settings. Yes, we know all this sounds too much like GMO foods (yikes!), but it’s not the same in skincare.

In the process of recreating an active ingredient, scientists work under heavily controlled laboratory settings to biosynthesize or bio-ferment living cells or organisms. Then, they modify these ingredients until they’re bio-identical and have the same properties as their natural counterparts.

Being bio-identical means that they carry the same properties as their natural counterparts, thus, the same safety levels. Often, they’re modified to be not equal but better than the plant or animal-derived compound. For example, they’re recreated as smaller molecules that can penetrate the skin better, thus, having a superior efficacy.

How Does Swiss Biotech Help the Environment?

More and more companies and individuals worldwide are joining the pact to act towards sustainability and a greener future. Every single industry is adjusting its manufacturing processes and reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible. Only collectively we can make a change!

The Swiss biotech approach is the best solution to clean beauty skincare and environmentally-friendly cosmetic products. But, things are always best explained with an example. So, let’s see some of the best cosmetic industry examples of what Swiss biotechnology can do (and did so far).

Example 1: Squalane is a skincare ingredient that was traditionally extracted from shark liver or olives. But, none of us wants to contribute to a mass shark extinction. Plus, the land is for food crops, not skincare, don’t you agree? As a solution, biotech made it possible to synthesize squalane in a lab and it is used in the best face creams.

Example 2: Hyaluronic acid, as an ingredient in the best moisturizers, typically derives from rooster combs (oh well, let’s not use that any longer!). With the help of Swiss biotechnology, we can now produce this acid in a lab setting.

Key Takeways:

By using Swiss biotech skincare solutions, you will:

  • Enjoy skincare products with no animal testing;
  • Reduce your carbon footprint;
  • Have a guaranteed face product quality consistency;
  • Avoid harsh skin irritants;
  • Ensure the products follow strict safety standards;
  • Contribute to a green and sustainable future;
  • Enjoy a clean beauty skincare routine;

Skincare products made in Switzerland and formulated with biotech methods always have a superior action on your skin. Plus, Swiss-made biotech skincare is sustainable and reduces the carbon footprint.

Ready to save the world and your skin with Swiss biotech anti-aging solutions?

The Fine Line between Nature and Swiss Biotechnology

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