Elastin: The Best Ingredient for Skin Elasticity by NUME-Lab

Elastin for skincare is a popular choice of many clean beauty brands enthusiasts. Have you noticed any stretch marks lately? Interestingly, stretch marks are a perfect example of broken elastic fibers

Let’s now translate what this means to your facial skin. Elastic fibers start breaking down as we age and get our skin exposed to UV radiation or pollutants. As a result, we start noticing saggy skin that doesn’t resume its original position. Next, we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles. And that’s all due to elastin or collagen loss.

Let’s dive in and see how a clean beauty routine with elastin as an ingredient can help you fade wrinkles and fine lines and restore youthful skin. 

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What Is Elastin?

This ingredient is a crucial protein present in our skin that has elastic properties. Because of elastin fibers, our skin can resume its initial position when stretched and go back in place. It is naturally present not just in our skin but in many other connective tissues like our arteries, ligaments, and even our lungs and bladder.

All of that shows us that it is essential for all organs that need the ability to stretch or expand. And this is most visibly noticeable from our skin condition.

The Science Behind Elastin

Elastin and collagen are the two main skin proteins or building blocks that ensure your skin stays firm and elastic. Although elastin is only 2% of our dermis (compared to collagen, which makes up over 75%), it’s the main culprit for the loss of structure and sagginess. Aging skin can benefit from using skincare products with naturally occurring elastin in ingredients, Snail Mucin Extract is one of those skincare holy grails.

Skincare Benefits of Elastin

Before we start talking about its skincare benefits, it’s important to mention that the Sun is one of the main issues of elastin loss. UVA and UVB rays can be very detrimental to the elastic fibers in your dermis and speed up the rate of elastin depletion. So, although we can’t prevent aging, we definitely can reduce our UV exposure by using sunscreen daily. 

Now, let’s see all its benefits  for your skin:

Skin elasticity

While collagen is responsible for the structure of your skin, elastin is responsible for the flexibility and stretching capabilities of your connective tissues in the skin. So, replenishing it through skincare can increase your skin elasticity and reduce saggy skin. 

Snail Mucin is a particularly great active ingredient that naturally contains elastin and collagen and significantly improves skin elasticity. Snail slime has been used for many years throughout history as a skin elixir, and with a good reason!

Anti-aging effect

Elastin, together with collagen, are the two building block proteins responsible for your youthful and plump skin. Once elastic fibers start breaking, and elastin gets depleted, our skin starts showing signs of aging. So, using skincare products with collagen and elastin can have an incredible anti-age effect. 

Fades wrinkles and fine lines

Last but not least, this active has the power to fade wrinkles and fine lines that appear as signs of aging skin. For the best results in reducing wrinkles, combine elastin with collagen, Hyaluronic Acid for its hydrating properties, and Retinoids for their skin regeneration powers.

Elastin Side Effects

Elastin is an ingredient that’s safe to use in skincare products when it’s from a known and sustainable source. We advise against using animal-derived elastin brands. Instead, use clean beauty brands that don’t waste Earth’s natural resources. The best face creams with collagen and elastin follow sustainability and clean beauty principles.

For instance, instead of depleting animal lives, we here at NUME-Lab Switzerland use it as a natural compound of our Snail Mucin Extract. Snail Mucus is incredibly rich in elastin, collagen, allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. 

So, in short, if you’re using clean beauty products with controlled ingredients, there shouldn’t be any side effects from using it skincare and cosmetic products.

Who Can Use Elastin?

Virtually everyone can benefit from using an elastin-rich moisturizer, but it’s perfect for:

  • Aging skin
  • Skin with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Skin exposed to UV rays
  • Skin exposed to toxins and pollution

How to Use Elastin?

We recommend using it in a face cream with collagen and elastin that is water-based and has moisturizing properties. Usually, you can use these moisturizers twice a day, in the mornings and the evenings, for the best results. 

Often, artificially added elastin in mainstream cosmetic brands comes from animal sources. This type of elastin harms the environment, plus it doesn’t get absorbed by the skin. 

As the most sustainable solution, NUME-Lab Switzerland uses elastin that’s naturally occurring in our Snail Mucin Extract. We combine Snail Mucin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, A, E and use only clean ingredients to get the best anti-aging results.



skin elasticity, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle


everyone, especially people with dull skin, aging skin, or skin exposed to external damage like pollution or UV rays

HOW TO USEas an ingredient in a face cream with collagen and elastin, or by using snail mucin skincare products that naturally contain elastin

everyone can use skincare with elastin, as long as it’s free of toxic ingredients that cause irritations


elastin is a naturally occurring and safe ingredient, so we can mix it with anything, but it’s especially effective for aging skin when mixed with collagen and retinol


there are no known side effects of mixing elastin with another active

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