What Is PEG?

PEG or polyethylene glycol is a name for a group of petroleum-derived polyether compounds with different applications, including beauty products and cosmetics. 

In skincare, PEGs are used as thickeners, softeners, or absorption-boosters in different products. However, we recommend sticking to PEG-free eye skincare products because they can have adverse long-term side effects and disrupt your natural skin balance. Let’s see why. 

Why PEG-Free Skincare especially for delicate areas?

Skincare products without PEGs are non-toxic and cannot penetrate healthy skin, but they can do damage if your skin is inflamed or cracked. 

Furthermore, the most significant issue with PEG as an ingredient in skincare is its impurity since it often contains toxins like 1.4 dioxane or ethylene oxide. Plus, ethylene oxide is a classified carcinogen. 

The Dangers of PEG

Even though many PEGs aren’t toxic on healthy skin, they can cause significant issues with even the slightest skin crack or damage. Here’s why we prefer PEG-free skincare:

  • PEGs can enter the system through cracked, damaged, or inflamed skin;
  • It’s irritating to sensitive skin or skin with a damaged barrier;
  • PEG is not recommended for aging skin since it speeds up skin aging;
  • Polyethylene glycols are also a problem for dry skin since they can further decrease your skin’s moisture;
  • Often, PEGs can be contaminated during the manufacturing process and contain carcinogenic compounds like ethylene oxide;
  • PEGs have a low bio-degradability, making them potentially dangerous for the environment;

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