No Animal Test

What Is No Animal Testing?

Skincare products with “no animal testing” or “cruelty-free” symbols are simply not tested on animals and haven’t harmed any animals in the process of formulating or manufacturing their product. 

Why Cruelty-Free Skincare?

First of all, many skincare products show incredible results in the animal testing trial phase, but not even 10% of those pass the criteria for being safe or effective in human subjects. As such, animal testing is entirely unreliable since animal genetics differ from ours. 

Additionally, testing on animals is ruthless and unethical. We’re firm believers in equality among species and in the motto that we’re all one with nature.

Today’s advancements in biology and technology allow us to check the efficacy and safety of a skincare product in ways other than animal testing. On top of that, there are over 7000 ingredients already proven safe, so skincare brands could use the ones they know are safe. 

In NUME-Lab Switzerland, cruelty-free is our guiding principle, so our products are not tested on animals. Instead, we use a superior Swiss biotech method to produce bio-identical ingredients in laboratory settings without hurting any animal in the process. 

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