Made in Switzerland

What Is the Made In Switzerland Label?

If a product is “Made in Switzerland” or has a “Swiss Made” label, it means that the majority of its manufacturing process is in Switzerland, following Swiss rules and regulations. Regardless of the type of product or industry, Swiss brands enjoy a great reputation, especially in regards to quality and purity. But, for skincare, the “Made in Switzerland” symbol becomes even more important.

Why Swiss Made Skincare?

Aside from having one of the strictest cosmetic regulations in the world, Switzerland lives with cruelty-free clean beauty in mind. We’re talking about a country where sustainability is not a choice but a habit. 

Did you know that Swiss cosmetic law bans over 1328 irritants? We urge you to compare that to the US FDA that prohibits only 11 of those skincare ingredients. So, a Swiss cosmetic brand will definitely adhere to clean beauty skincare principles more than others. 

Us here at NUME-Lab Switzerland formulate our Swiss skin care products with the help of innovative Swiss biotechnology and with as little impact to the environment as possible.

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