Halal Certified

Why Halal Skincare?

A skincare brand must follow Halal practices in all production stages to get this certification – from the raw ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, and distribution. 

Halal practices initially apply to food and things we eat. But, knowing that our skin is our biggest organ and has immense absorption powers, every ingredient that’s impure for eating, it’s impure for the skin. That’s the basic ideology behind Halal skincare. 

We here at NUME-Lab Switzerland use snail mucin extract as a multi-purpose Halal ingredient targeting several beauty concerns at once. According to Halal principles, snails aren’t allowed for consumption, but snail mucus extract for skincare is allowed (when harvested in a cruel-free way, like our SPA treatments).

The Forbidden Ingredients in Halal

For a skincare brand to be Halal-certified, it cannot contain any:

  • Alcohol (in the form of ethanol – benzyl alcohol is allowed);
  • Collagen (from mammal-derived sources);
  • Human or animal-derived stem cells;
  • Gelatine (from swine only);
  • Animal by-products extracted using cruel methods that harm the animals;
  • Animal-derived ingredients from swine and other Haram animals (carnivorous animals);
  • No GMO’s

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