FSC Certified

What Is FSC Certified Wood?

FSC certified wood is the highest standard for wood harvesting, which signifies that it came from responsibly managed forests and in an environmentally-friendly way. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and this is a global, non-profit organization that fights issues like global warming, illegal logging, deforestation, etc.

Why FSC Certified Wood in Skincare?

Sustainable brands like NUME-Lab that stand for clean beauty skincare choose an environmentally-friendly approach to all aspects of manufacturing a product – from the ingredients, to the entire manufacturing process and packaging.

So, for us, the material of the product packaging also matters and has to be as sustainable as possible. Thus, all of our product packaging carries the symbol of FSC certified wood. A FSC certified packaging like we have in NUMA-Lab entails that the paper used for the packaging is responsibly sourced and managed throughout the entire supply chain process.

With this, we join the battle against climate change and take part in the environmental conservation revolution.

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