Clean Skincare

What Is Clean Skincare?

To us here at NUME-Lab Switzerland, clean equals non-toxic, Halal, and sustainable. Clean beauty skincare is healthy for you and the environment. It’s the opposite of long lists of unfamiliar ingredients and fancy packaging. Instead, clean skincare promotes a sustainable and minimalist skincare approach without any waste, where we focus on high-quality ingredients harvested ethically with no animal testing. 

It’s important to note that clean skincare isn’t always natural. In fact, many natural ingredients aren’t clean, and many lab-produced, synthetic ingredients can be clean. 

It’s 2021, and science like biotechnology allows us to produce artificial ingredients in a lab setting that have double the efficacy and triple the safety. In this regard, synthetic ingredients are cleaner than natural ones. With the help of innovations like our Swiss biotech approach, we decrease the need to deplete our planet’s flora and fauna. 

Why waste crops or harm animals for an ingredient if you can make it by yourself? That’s a much more sustainable and clean mindset. 

As long as the ingredients are non-toxic and cause no harm to ourselves or the environment, they’re considered clean. 

Why Clean Beauty Skincare?

Here are all the benefits of using clean beauty products for your skin:

  • Clean skincare equals ingredients that are non-toxic to our skin or the environment;
  • Clean products don’t necessarily need to be all-natural;
  • You promote sustainability and help preserve our planet’s resources;
  • Learn to read the ingredients on the product labels to see if the products are pure;
  • Clean beauty skincare products should have transparent ingredient lists;

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