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Skincare by NUME-Lab Switzerland

At NUME-Lab Switzerland, we sustain ethically conscious skincare upholding the values of transparent sourcing and clean ingredients. We pioneer holistic sustainability through a minimalist approach, formulation of clean beauty products with the highest quality assurance by Swiss Biotechnology. 

This is what Sustainability means for us, at NUME-Lab Switzerland we focus on:

clean beauty numelab switzerland

Clean Beauty Skincare

A clean beauty brand is healthy for you and the environment.

Clean skincare promotes a sustainable and minimalist approach without any waste. At NUME-Lab Switzerland we focus only on high-quality ingredients harvested ethically with no animal testing and to assure its purity and cruel-free approach, we certify the products halal.

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clean beauty numelab switzerland
Best Moisturizer Anti-age texture

Swiss Biotech by NUME-Lab

The state of the art Swiss Biotechnology helps us enhance the active agents provided to us by nature. Without compromising on animal cruelty, or the limited resources of our planet, we create high efficacy formulas with the highest levels of quality and control.

We use Swiss Biotechnology to extract the best out of Natural powerful Ingredients like Snail Mucin or White Truffle.

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Skinimalism: A Minimalist Skincare Routine

For NUME-Lab Switzerland, minimalist skincare means a smaller range of products having multi purpose effective functions. We simplify your skincare routine and make it more successful.

With our minimalist skincare brand, we put the focus on powerful natural and clean cosmetic ingredients that give you long-lasting results and we never use harsh ingredients like phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, and alcohols.

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